GARRETT ACE APEX 6X11" DD COIL and wireless headphones
GARRETT ACE APEX  digital control box
GARRETT ACE APEX  6x11" waterproof search coil
GARRETT ACE APEX  Metal Detector
GARRETT ACE APEX  control box side view
GARRETT ACE APEX digital display
GARRETT ACE APEX  multi-flex
GARRETT multi-flex technology
GARRETT ACE APEX 3 year warranty

Garrett ACE APEX 6X11" DD Coil Wireless Package

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Dig Deeper with the GARRETT ACE APEX Metal Detector with 6X11" DD COIL and Wireless Headphones

Metal detecting enthusiasts, amateur prospectors, and treasure hunters, get ready to revolutionize your experiences! The GARRETT ACE APEX Metal Detector isn't just another tool in your arsenal; it’s the game-changer you've been waiting for.

GARRETT ACE APEX, High-Tech Features.

Harness the Power of Multi-Flex Technology

Many detectors can make you feel boxed into their predefined modes. Not the APEX. It champions a responsive design philosophy. Whether you’re navigating through a relic-rich old battlefield, scanning a beach for lost jewellery, or exploring a centuries-old abandoned property, its advanced Multi-Flex technology provides nuanced detection. It offers the adaptability to both specific and diverse terrains, making it a true companion for all your explorations. 

Multi-Flex Frequency Options

With Multi-FLex Technology you can choose one of four single frequencies or one of the preset multiple frequencies for highly minerealised ground.

  • 5 kHz 
  • 10 kHz 
  • 15 kHz
  • 20 kHz
  • Multi-Frequency
  • Multi-Salt

Brave Any Element with Confidence with All-Weather Reliability

Ever had to cut your hunting session short due to an unexpected drizzle or treacherous terrain? With the APEX’s waterproof coil and rainproof control box, you're equipped for both the surprises and the certainties of nature. Whether it’s a sun-drenched beach or a rainy hillside, your APEX ensures continuous performance.

Ground-Breaking Ground Balance- Interpreting Underground Secrets

The earth beneath us is a complex matrix of materials. The APEX, with its 175 points of ground balance resolution, acts as your interpreter. From salty, mineral-rich beach sands to ferrous grounds interspersed with relics of the past, it effortlessly discriminates and alerts you to the treasures that matter.

Mastery in Discrimination - Take Control of What You Seek

Metal detecting is as much about ignoring the irrelevant as it is about finding the valuable. The APEX provides twenty pixels of Notch Discrimination, allowing you to curate your search. Define what you're looking for and let the APEX sieve through the rest, ensuring you don't waste time on unwanted finds.

Diverse Modes for Diverse Hunts - A Palette of Detection Modes

Every hunt is unique, and so is the mode you need. Whether you’re in the mood for coin shooting, relic hunting, or crafting a custom adventure, the APEX has a specialized mode, ensuring the machine's finesse complements your passion.

Audio Clarity That Transforms - Hear Every Gaint Signal

The nuances of sound in metal detecting are vital. The APEX offers a unique hybrid audio system, seamlessly blending binary and proportional audio. From the faintest whisper of a long-lost relic to the clear ring of a coin, every sound is your clue, guiding your next move.

Expertise in Iron Detection - Deciphering the Junk From Targets

With the APEX's dynamic iron volume adjustments and Iron Audio, you get a sophisticated understanding of ferrous finds. This means no more being fooled by deceptive objects like bottle caps. Dive deeper into the layers of detection, and celebrate each true discovery.

Embrace the Wireless Revolution - Seamless, Real-Time Detection

Gone are the days of cumbersome wires. With the APEX’s integrated Z-Lynk wireless technology, experience the thrill of instant, efficient, and unrestricted metal detecting.

User-Centric Design: Simple Yet Sophisticated

No one wants to fumble with complicated menus when on a hunt. APEX’s intuitive controls, from direct drive buttons to user-friendly menus, ensure you spend more time detecting and less time deciphering.

The Complete Treasure Hunting Package

The APEX isn’t just about the detector. It’s a comprehensive package. The included MS-3 Wireless Headphones offer crystal-clear audio cues, while the 6"x11" DD VIPER coil promises detailed and expansive ground coverage.

Deep Dive into the Garrett APEX Specifications

Multi-Flex™ Technology           ✓

Single Frequency Options        5, 10, 15 and 20 kHz

Multi-Frequency Options          Simultaneous MultiFreq. and Multi-Salt

Z-Lynk™ Wireless (integrated)    ✓

MS-3 Wireless Headphones     Included

Fast Target Separation/Recovery                       ✓

1/8" Headphone jack                ✓

Backlight                                 ✓

Ground Balance, Auto              High Resolution, 175 pts

Iron Audio™                            ✓

Iron Volume Control                 ✓

Iron Discrimination Segments   8

Volume Control (built-in)           ✓

Pinpointing                              ✓

Water/Weather Resistance       ✓

Waterproof coil/stem 

Rainproof control box

Search Modes                         6, with International and US Coins modes

Large Digital Target ID             0 to 99 scale

Audio Tone ID Levels               5 tones included with hybrid binary and proportional audio system

Notch Discrimination                20 selectable segments

Sensitivity/ Depth Adjustments   8

Target Depth Indicator             2" / 5cm segments

Standard Searchcoil*               6" x 11" DD Viper

Length (Adjustable)                  43" to 56" (1.09m - 1.4m)

Total Weight                            2.5 lbs (1.13kgs)

Battery Source                         Rechargeable Lithium Ion, built-in

Battery Condition Indicator       ✓

Warranty                                  3 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

Staying Ahead with Compatibility

It’s essential to understand the bounds of technology. While the APEX boasts the cutting-edge Multi-Flex coil technology, older ACE coils won't synchronize with this new-age marvel.

Final Thought: The GARRETT ACE APEX Metal Detector with 6X11" DD COIL and Wireless Headphones is a symbiosis of technology and user experience, designed for both the passionate newbie and the seasoned expert. If you're yearning for precision, versatility, and an enhanced treasure hunting experience, your quest ends with the APEX. Dive in, and let the treasures reveal themselves!

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