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Fenix HL26R – 450 Lumens Rechargeable LED Headlamp – Black

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The Fenix LED HL26R Rechargeable Headlamp is designed for those who appreciate a lightweight, compact design. Spotlight and a floodlight are easily accessed through its dual switches, allowing optimal lighting for any situation. Easily keep your headlamp charged with its built-in rechargeable battery via the Micro-USB port and included USB charging cable. The HL26R is equipped with a reflective anti-slip headband that also directs sweat away from your eyes. The Fenix HL26R headlamp is ultra-lightweight, can withstand heavy rain, is dust proof and designed for those with endurance situations in mind.

Max 450 lumen output from a built-in 1600mAh Li-polymer battery Seven modes including four brightness levels in spotlight mode, two levels in floodlight mode and S.O.S. Two separate switches control the spotlight and floodlight modes Up to 6 hours of runtime from a single charge while on high mode Reflective anti-slip headband includes a silicone sweat guard to keep sweat out of your eyes


  • Cree XP-G2 R5 white LED and Nichia white LED with a maximum output of 450 lumens
  • Output and Runtime:
  • 450 Lumens – 1h30mins
  • 130 Lumens - 6hrs
  • 70 Lumens - 12 hrs
  • 30 Lumens – 25hrs
  • 40 Lumens - 13hrs
  • 4 Lumens - 100 hrs
  • 40 Lumens - 26hrs SOS
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 65mm
  • Diameter: 44mm
  • Head: 37mm
  • Weight: 86g including battery

fenix hl26r headlamp specifications chart

 What’s Included:

Fenix HL26R Headlamp(with built-in Li-polymer battery), USB charging cable


Press and hold for 0.5 seconds to turn ON/OFF the spotlight.Single click this switch to cycle the spotlight through Low→Med→High.

Press and hold for 0.5 seconds to turn ON/OFF the floodlight.
Single click this switch to cycle the floodlight through Low→High→SOS.
Note: Spotlight and floodlight cannot be turned on simultaneously. When the light is on, single click any switch to enter corresponding mode or activate corresponding output level.

Burst Mode
In any state, press and hold the over 1.2 seconds to enter Burst mode.
a. The lamp will automatically return to the last used spotlight output after 1 minute.
b. When using Burst mode, single click the spotlight button. The lamp will enter the last used spotlight output; if single click the floodlight button, the lamp will enter Low output of floodlight.

Intelligent Memory Circuit
The spotlight memorizes the last brightness level used (except Burst mode). The next time it is turned on, it will recall the previously used brightness level.
The floodlight is defaulted on Low each time it is turned on again.

Overheat Protection
To avoid high surface temperature, the headlamp will downshift to the last used spotlight output level when it is working on Burst mode for 1 minute without any operation.

Battery Level Indication
With the headlamp off, single click the to check battery level. Indication will last for 3 seconds:
Four constantly on: more than 80%
Three constantly on: 60%-80%
Two constantly on: 40%-60%
One constantly on: 20%-40%
One flashes: lower than 20%, charge the headlamp as soon as possible
(These are approximate figures.)

Low Power Warning
When the light is on, and the battery level gets low, one of the indicators will flash at 2Hz to remind the user to charge the headlamp as soon as possible.

1. Plug the USB port of the charging cable into any USB power supply. Uncover the anti-dust cap and plug the Micro USB side of the charging cable into the charging port of the headlamp.
2. The indicator lights flash in turns to indicate charging. During charging, four flashing indicates power is lower than 20%, one constantly and three flashing indicates more than 20% power level, two constantly on and two flashing indicates more than 50% power level, three constantly on and one flashing indicates more than 80% power level, the four indicator lights constantly on indicates charging is done. The indicator turns constantly on when the battery is fully charged. The normal charging time is about 3 hours from out of power to fully charged with the light off.
3. Once charging is completed, be sure to remove the charging cable and replace the anti-dust cap.
4. Recharge a stored headlamp every four months to maintain optimum performance of the battery.

Note: When charging, the headlamp can be turned on on Spotlight Low mode, but the charging time will be prolonged. The headlamp will not power on automatically when it is fully charged.

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