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Quest Scuba Tector Pro Metal Detector

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The Quest Scuba Pro Metal Detector is easy to use and manoeuvre underwater due to its light-weight design. This machine is fully water-proof and submersible to 60 metres, so now you can easily search for new or antique Coins, Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Relics and other valuable treasures in our oceans and rivers. It's amazing how many precious items are just below the surface and with the Quest Scuba Tector Pro, they are well within your reach.   Just like a standard pinpointer, the Scuba Tector Pro easily fits in the palm of your hand but with it's 10"x4' coil it can detect much deeper than an ordinary pinpointer. Just wave it around the ocean floor or river bed and when it detects Metal, Silver or Gold objects it will beep and vibrate to alert you. There is also a built in flashlight to help you in low light or murky water. With the power of a full-sized Metal Detector but in a compact size, it's easy and light enough to take on all of your snorkeling or diving adventures. Or, you can use it along the shore-line to find your next treasure. With the included pole extension adapter, you can add a handle to extend the shaft length and use it in a fully upright standing position. Simply screw the adapter into the end of the handle cap, insert a pole such as a broom handle or similar, tighten the side screws to ensure the handle is firmly secured and away you go.   So many amazing valuables have already been discovered with the Scuba Tector Pro and we know it will make your next trip to the beach or river a whole lot more fun.



  • Powered by Li-Po Rechargeable battery
  • 10x4” epoxy resin filled mono coil
  • Max depth of 60 meters
  • LED / Beep / Vibration alarm
  • For 200F/60M underwater operation
  • Ribbed and ergonomic body
  • Easy to use two buttons control
  • Auto and Manual Tuning/ Calibration
  • Lanyard attachment loop cap
  • Handle Extension Adapter 
  • LED flashlight
1 Year Australian Warranty
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    Ask a Question
    • Is it good for saltwater conditions?

      Hi Kris,

      Yes it is. It is suitable for salt and fresh water and can be submerged to a max depth of 60 meters. 


      Customer Support.

    • Hello, I recently brought a scuba tector pro from you, its an excellent little machine. My question is do you sell the arm poles or one that would suit? Thanks

      Hello Joshua, 

      Thanks for reaching out. Really glad you are enjoying your Quest scuba pro. We are waiting for Quest to release them. They did a small batch but from we hear, they are doing a redesign. In the meantime, you can use a standard broom handle from bunnings. There is an attachment in the box that screws into the handle that you can slot the broom handle into. 

      We'll let you know when Quest release the new version of their handle.

      Happy hunting, 

      Detectors Direct Team.