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Beach Metal Detecting Guide with Pro Tips

Man on beach metal detecting with the teknetics t2+
Beach metal detecting is a really fun activity that can end up being a very lucrative hobby. Ever since metal detectors were commercially made peop...

Metal Detecting Code Of Ethics

Metal Detecting Code Of Ethics
Getting a metal detector is super exciting and we know that you just want to get out there and find cool targets. But there's a code of ethics that...

Underwater Metal Detectors - The Ultimate Guide 2021

underwater metal detector Australia
Underwater Metal Detecting - A Guide for 2021 Underwater Metal Detecting is fast becoming one of the more popular metal detecting styles and it's e...

How To Neatly Retrieve Your Target When Metal Detecting

metal detecting plug
Metal Detecting can take you to some amazing places and some of those can be in public spaces like parks or on private property. It is really impor...

Best Metal Detectors - 2023

metal detectors Australia
  Have you always wanted to try your hand at metal detecting but weren’t sure where to start? In this guide you will learn everything you need to ...