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What is the best metal detector for gold?

This is a question we hear a lot. While it's true that a metal detector can find gold if it's there, the issue is that not all detectors are suitable for gold detection or can handle the iron rich, highly mineralised grounds where gold is found.

So what are the best Metal Detectors for Gold Detection?

When detecting for gold, you need a quality Gold Detector, built for Australian conditions. Gold detectors run at higher frequencies to coin and treasure detectors, Typically 13kHz and up for VLF Detectors. Gold Detectors have different features and functions that help cut out unwanted noise and interference caused by mineralisation and hot rocks. This means you have the highest chance of finding gold and you are spending less time digging up junk. 

More than just a Gold Detector

As an extra bonus, all of our Gold Detectors are designed with versatility in mind. While they are designed to handle the difficult terrain of gold fields, they are also designed to handle beaches, bush land as well as parks, making them perfect all round treasure hunting detectors.

So when you are not up for a trek into the gold fields, you can take your detector down to the beach for some beach detecting or to a local park to find some coins and relics.

Having a versatile detector will put you ahead of the game and enables you to spend more time detecting, no matter what you are looking for.

Gold Detectors vs Treasure Machines

Unlike gold detectors that have a high frequency, treasure hunting detectors generally have a low frequency, which makes gold detection more difficult for the machine.

Having a low frequency means that they are less sensitive to gold, meaning that they won't detect the smaller nuggets of gold buried in the ground. This is not ideal, as the most common gold nuggets found here in Australia are often quite small.

Also, depending on what features they have, they can often struggle with interference from mineralisation and become either very chatty (noisy) or give off a lot of false signals. These false signals make you think you have found a potential target but in reality it is either a hot rock, junk or there is nothing there at all and you are digging just for the sake of it. No one wants this scenario! 

If you need some advice on picking the best metal detector for gold detecting, reach out via our live chat, email or call us on 1300 230 46. Our friendly staff are here to answer your questions 7 days a week.

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