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Metal Detecting for Coins, Relics and Treasure in Australia can be done pretty much anywhere. In local parks, around abandoned townships, creeks, old campsites, around the edges of old sport grounds, old schools and ruins just to name a few places to start your search. People even love metal detecting on beaches. It is amazing the amount of places that rare and old treasures have been lost, just waiting to be discovered. Everyday we see amazing finds from people all around Australia that own a metal detector and the next great find might just be yours. 

Metal Detecting is a fantastic, fun and healthy hobby and one that can be done by pretty much anyone. You don't need to be an athlete to get out detecting. Our range of Metal Detectors are really light weight so you won't be susceptible to fatigue or arm aches and it's an excellent way to get outdoors and be in the fresh air. It's great for you, the kids and grand kids. Really, anyone can do it.

With today's modern metal detectors, you do not have to be an experienced metal detectorist to find targets. Below is our comprehensive range of Coin, Relic and Treasure Hunting Metal Detectors. If you are looking for some recomendations, then read on and click the link that is best suited for your needs.

For Kids and Beginners we have Metal Detectors that are super easy to use. We have some models that are "Turn On and Go", meaning with a few clicks of a button, you are ready to hunt, to Detectors that are powerful, yet have minimal settings to make learning easy and fun. These Detectors are not just for kids, they are powerful, simple to use Metal Detectors that can be adjusted in size to suit kids and adults alike. 

If you are looking to grow your skills and want to do more advanced Metal Detecting, then our range of Mid Range Metal Detectors is a great place to find your perfect Detector. These Detectors have all the power and features you need to get you up to that next level, while still being very budget friendly. 

If you have been Metal Detecting for some time now and want to get a more powerful and advance Metal Detector to take your detecting to the level then our High End Range of Metal Detectors is the best place to start. These are the top of the line, powerful and feature packed machines that you won't out grow and they won't break the bank either!

We have a wide range of Australia's Best Quality Metal Detectors designed to find old coins, relics and treasure. Whether you are a beginner or an expert or somewhere in between, we have the perfect Metal Detector for you. If you are looking for a Detector that can do all the above as well as find Gold then take a look at our Gold Detectors page.

Still wondering what are the best Metal Detectors for your budget and experience level? We're here to help, 7 Days a Week! Just click on our live chat tab and we'll answer your questions and help you decide. Alternatively get in touch with us here.

If you are new to Metal Detecting and want to find out more about what the best metal detector is for your needs, then please take a look at our beginners guide to metal detecting HERE.  

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