Detecting LED Headlamps

Metal Detecting at night is a lot of fun and adds an extra layer of adventure to your metal detecting. Owning a quality LED Torch or LED Headlamp will make your night detecting much more enjoyable, safe and successful. Being able to see what you are digging up is super important, not only to see your target, but to make sure you are not digging up something sharp or dangerous. Being able to see where you are walking while out detecting at night will keep you safe when out bush or on the beach. The last thing you want is to fall in to a hole or trip over an obstacle and injure yourself. So owning a high powered, high quality LED torch is a no brainier and is a must for every night detectorist.

To bring you the best quality LED Torches and LED Headlamps, we have partnered with Fenix LED Torches. They offer high performance, durable and affordable LED Torches for Australian conditions. These lightweight LED torches are super tough so can handle anything you throw at them. Being lightweight and compact are important factors when using a torch for metal detecting. Whether you are wearing a LED headlamp or carrying a handheld LED torch, you do not want to be weighed down by a heavy, bulky torch. You want a LED torch that you hardly notice you are carrying.

Fenix LED torches are a great choice for metal detecting at night and once you have yours you will wonder why you didn't get one sooner. These LED torches are also great for camping, hiking and bush walking or just walking the family dog around the block. 


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