XP DEUS 2 Metal Detector
XP DEUS 2 WS6 Master Detector 9 inch coil
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XP Deus 2 Metal Detector

XP Deus 2 Metal Detector

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The XP Deus 2 metal detector is the most advanced wireless metal detector on the market.

Unveiling the XP Deus 2 metal detector, the epitome of metal and gold detection technology. Not only does this unparalleled device stand out as the most advanced wireless metal detector available today.

Whether you're combing beaches, delving into coin and relic hunting, or venturing into gold prospecting, the XP Deus 2 is your unmatched companion. Plus, with its robust waterproofing up to 20 meters, it's equally adept in both fresh and saltwater environments. Dive into the future of metal detecting with the unmatched prowess of the XP Deus 2.

The XP Deus 2 Metal Detector is a Game Changer

XP is once again changing the game by creating the first completely wireless, multi-frequency metal detector with superior features and performance. Being a wireless detector, all of it's components connect and talk to each other without the need for cables.

Once the coil, remote control, headphones (optional extra) and pin pointer (optional extra) are paired, they communicate with each other wirelessly and without latency, using the XP patented radio protocol system.

This means that target signals are instantly transmitted from the search coil to the headphones and remote control (control box) without any delay. the DEUS II has unparalleled speed and accuracy, performs exceptionally well on any terrain and in any conditions, both on land or under water. This is all thanks to XP's FMF® (Fast Multi Frequency) technology.

Find Any Target in Any Terrain and Weather Conditions with the XP Deus 2

Not many detectors can do it all. Some are good for coins and relics, some can handle wet sandy beaches with out giving false signals. Some detectors can handle the high mineralisation found in gold fields and some can even be used under water. But there are very few detectors that can do it all and do it well.

Most detectorists want to go out and find different targets in different terrains but don't want to buy multiple machines for different types of detecting or ground conditions. XP realised this and have designed the Deus II to be the ultimate all round metal detector.

Use it for coins and relics, in parks or on the beach, in gold fields or below the waves. The Dues 2 is like having multiple detectors bundled into one machine and it's easy to use so you can get detecting right away.

XP Deus 2 is Fully Waterproof to 20m

There are quite a few full size detectors that are waterproof, which opens up a whole new world of detecting. The trouble with most of these detectors is that they are limited to how deep they can go. On average 3-5 meters is what most can handle.

Underwater treasure hunters know that a lot of the good targets are well past these kind of depths. XP know this too, so they designed the Deus 2 to handle extreme depths of up to 20 meters. Now your underwater treasure hunting isn't limited to shallow water.

With the Deus 2, you only need one detector for all of your land and underwater detecting, without having to compromise on how deep you you can go. 

XP Deus 2 Metal Detector Features 

The Dues 2 Metal Detector is packed with features and super smart technology, making your detecting easier and more accurate than ever before. With it's 12 factory pre-programmed settings you can literally turn it on and start detecting. 

If you love getting into the nitty gritty, the Dues 2 also allows you to dig in and tune it to your hearts content.

  • Wireless digital radio connection between the coil, the remote control, and  headphones (optional extra), as well as the wireless pinpointer MI-6 (optional extra)
  • Ultra-light detector: starting at 750gr
    • Completely waterproof to 20m, perfect for detecting in the shallows or diving at depth
    • Waterproof and shockproof remote control with fully over molded rubber casing, multipoint stainless steel connector for charging, backlit graphic display, pocket sized remote for hip mounting. (hip mount case provided)
    • Waterproof coils - choose between the 22.5cm (9’’) or 28cm (11’’) 
      • Lifetime USB software updates included
      • High performance lithium batteries with 2 year warranty
      • Battery life: Remote Control up to 25H - Headphones up to 17H - Coil up to 20H depending on programs and frequencies (see instruction manual). Quickly charge all 3 units in 3 hours
      • 5 Year warranty and designed to last for years to come
      • Made in France
      • Patents pending

      XP Deus 2 Factory Settings

      • GENERAL uses low and high frequencies and gives an excellent assessment of targets in the soil. It suits both beginners and experienced users
      • SENSITIVE uses low and high frequencies up to about 40 kHz. Highly efficient on all targets, it will be very effective in mineralized and polluted ground when searching for the smallest targets
      • SENSITIVE FT  is configured using Full Tone audio mode. Each target index generates a different tone relative to its conductivity making it very efficient in highly-polluted or mineralized ground
      • FAST allows the machine to work fast in ferrous, polluted and mineralised ground.
      • PARK is adjusted for searching recreational areas such as parks, dry sand beaches, or sites that have a lot of trash
      • DEEP HC uses very low and medium frequencies up to 14 kHz It is ideal for clusters of coins whilst maintaining excellent sensitivity to isolated coins and targets using its 14 kHz frequency
      • DEUS MONO works on a single frequency but combines the advantages of DEUS II, such as its expanded frequency range to 45 kHz, improved performance, audio quality, better EMI rejection, etc. There is more likelihood of connecting with an unstable frequency while using several simultaneous frequencies than with just one and the DEUS MONO could help you in these situations
      • GOLD FIELD is intended for highly-mineralised gold-bearing ground. It is set to “all metal” for deeper detection and only rejects the localised ground to which you are ground balancing to
      • RELIC uses lower subtracted frequencies to search for large masses. It is configured for “all metal” with low Reactivity and only rejects the localised ground that you have ground balanced to
      • DIVING is the first and most stable of three programs intended for submerging in saltwater environments or simply on wet sand. It uses very low and medium subtracted frequencies to better locate valuable targets such as rings and coins. It is also less responsive to low conductive targets like aluminum foil so you'll dig less junk
      • BEACH uses higher frequencies up to 24 kHz and thus is more sensitive to small targets compared to Diving. It is well suited to wet sand and in the shallows
      • BEACH SENS incorporates frequencies up to about 40 kHz offering excellent sensitivity to the smallest targets without loosing performance on bigger targets. This is the deepest beach program for wet sand also the most reactive. 

      Download the XP Deus 2 manual HERE

      If you are new to metal detecting then check out our metal detecting guide HERE

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