XP Deus Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector
XP Deus Metal Detector

XP Deus Metal Detector

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The XP Deus metal detector is a feature packed, all round metal detector, capable of finding any target you are after.  

The Deus is a completely wireless metal detector. No cables, just instant digital processing. This makes the Deus's response time unbelievably fast, regardless of the ground conditions. It also means no cables to get snagged on bushes and shrubs and makes coil change overs so much faster.

XP have revolutionized how metal detectors work. The Deus's three main components, Search Coil, Remote (known as the Control Box on contemporary detectors), and Headphones (not included in the base pack), are all wireless and seamlessly interconnect with each other digitally.

XP know how to make a detector not only super durable but also extremely light. The XP Deus only weighs 900 grams fully set up so you can detect longer without getting tired.

The Deus is an excellent all rounder. You can use it on any terrain and go detecting for anything including, Coins, Relics, Jewellery and Gold Nuggets. With it's hi tech processing you can even use it on wet sand and salt water without getting those annoying false signals. 

XP Deus Wireless Technology

The XP's unique design allows you a lot of versatility with your detecting. The Remote can be mounted on the shaft like any detector but you can also remove it and wear it on a hip mount or carry it in your pocket. Taking the Remote off the shaft makes your detector even lighter, only 800 grams, so you can detect all day, without arm fatigue. 

The wireless WS4 and WS5 headphones are not just ordinary headphones, they can also control the XP Deus. They allow you to adjust and use the detector as you would with the Remote (Control Box), so if you want extra light detecting you can leave the Remote off and detect all day with only the shaft, coil and your headphones.

The XP X35 Multi Frequency Coils are also wireless. Via the Remote or The headphones, you can select between 35 frequencies ranging from 3.7kHz - 27.7kHz. This is so handy when you want to look for a wide range of targets like coins, relics, jewellery or gold nuggets. Use the low frequencies for coins and relics and the high frequencies for gold nuggets or jewellery.

XP Deus Turn on and Go Pre Sets

The Deus is a turn on and go detector but also allows you to really dive in and adjust the settings to your liking. There are 10 pre programmed settings that let you turn on the Deus and just start detecting. Some of these settings are Gold Field, Wet Beach, Dry Beach, and GM Power.

With powerful presets you don't need to get bogged down on setting up your detector. Just select the mode you want and away you go. It is that easy.

XP X35 Coils

The XP Deus comes with the multi frequency X35 Coil. There are two to choose from, a 9 inch and and 11 inch and choosing couldn't be easier.

If you typically detect in dense scrub or trashy areas then the 9 inch is the way to go. This will let you get between shrubs and debris much easier and will also separate trash very quickly in junk filled sites.

If you detect in wide open spaces like, parks, fields and the beach, then the 11 inch is what you want. It will cover more ground and give you more depth advantage. 

XP Deus Features

  • Wireless digital radio link between search coil, remote control and headphones
  • Ultra-miniature digital circuit built into the search coil
  • 35 selectable frequencies, from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz
  • Adjustable power and responsiveness 
  • Sound curve, iron volume, multi tones, notch, etc… + advanced functions (expert)
  • Ground balancing - tracking, pumping, manual, range
  • Dynamic or 4 static modes (pinpoint)
  • Extensive and highly accurate discrimination range in ferrous
  • 10 Factory programs (for quick start) plus 8 user programable slots to save your favourite settings.
  • Ultra light detector : 900 g complete
  • 800 g remote control on the belt
  • Pocket-sized remote control, removable from the rod by clipped system
  • Backlit graphic display
  • USB standard connection for charging and software update on the internet
  • Miniature lithium batteries (2 year warranty)
  • Simultaneous rapid charger of the 3 elements (charging time approximately 2 hours)
  • Battery life 
    • Coil: about 15 - 20 hours depending on power and frequency
    • Remote control, headset: 20 hours
  • Lightweight and waterproof X35 Search Coil
  • 5 Year Australian warranty
  • Made in France

Included in the Box

  • XP Deus Remote
  • Telescopic Shaft
  • X35 Search Coil
  • Hip Mount for Remote
  • Coil Covers
  • Charge cables
  • User Manual

If you are new to Metal Detecting and want to find out more about what the best metal detector is for your needs, then please take a look at our beginners guide to metal detecting HERE.  

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