Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector control box
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector headphones
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector durable cover
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector rain cover
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector side view
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector waterproof search coil
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector digital display
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector iron rejection
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector 10khz high frequency
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector pulse width modulation audio
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector better iron rejection
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector large 8.5" x 11" search coil
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector camlocks
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector side view right
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector coil cover
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector coins and relics
Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector treasure hunting

Garrett ACE 400I Metal Detector

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Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector: The Pinnacle of the ACE Series 

Unearth treasures and delve into history with the Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector. Known for its unmatched performance and superior features, the 400i is an exceptional tool for anyone from the casual beachcomber to the serious relic hunter. Let’s explore this device in great depth.

Introduction to the Garrett ACE 400i

The ACE series by Garrett has always been celebrated for offering state-of-the-art metal detecting technology, and the ACE 400i sits at the pinnacle of this lineage. With its advanced technological features, this metal detector stands out in the crowded marketplace.

Ideal Uses for the Garrett ACE 400i

Highly Recommended For:

  • Coin Hunting: Whether old coins or newer ones, the 400i can easily detect them.
  • Jewelry Hunting: Search for lost gold, silver or precious gem-adorned items.
  • Relic Hunting: Dive deep into history by unearthing ancient relics.
  • Competition Events: Stay ahead of competitors in hunting events.
  • Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting: It's waterproof search coil and included control box rain cover make it perfect for any weather conditions. It's excellent on dry sand at the beach and shallow freshwater hunts. If you're after a beach detector that likes wet sand or getting into the shallow surf check out our full range of beach detectors HERE

Also Great For:

  • Cache Hunting: Discover hidden treasures cached away.
  • Prospecting: Hunt for gold or other valuable minerals.
  • Ghost Town Hunting: Explore abandoned settlements and uncover their secrets.

Garrett ACE 400i Included Accessories

With the ACE 400i metal detector, Garrett doesn’t just offer a metal detector but a complete treasure hunting package. Here's what you receive:

  • DD PROformance™ Submersible Searchcoil (22 x 28cm or 8.5" x 11"): Designed for greater depth and coverage.
  • Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones: Enhance faint signals and cancel out ambient noise.
  • ACE Environmental Coverup Rain and Weather Cover: Prolong the lifespan of your detector by protecting it from harsh conditions.
  • Searchcoil Cover: Guard the coil from wear and tear.

Please note: Accessories may be subject to change.

The Garret ACE 400i's Distinctive Features

Technological Prowess

  • Iron Audio: Fine-tune your hunts by hearing discriminated iron targets, distinguishing potential finds from worthless objects.
  • Digital Target ID: Understand your potential find better with a 0-99 scale indication.
  • High Frequency: At 10 kHz, this feature significantly improves sensitivity for specific targets.
  • Frequency Adjustability: Customize your detection frequency to avoid interference from other devices.

User-Friendly Enhancements

  • Camlocks: Ensure that your detector's stem remains stable, preventing wobbling.
  • Pulse-Width Modulation Audio: Get crisper and more immediate audio feedback.
  • Enhanced Iron Resolution: Separate valuable items from junk with a resolution thrice as effective as the ACE 250.
  • Notch Discrimination & Electronic Pinpointing: Customize your search pattern and locate targets with utmost precision.

In-depth Specifications Of the ACE 400i Metal Detector

Beyond its main features, the ACE 400i offers a vast array of specifications that truly set it apart:

  • Digital Target ID: Ranges from 0-99 for precise identification.
  • Adjustable Frequency: Customize as per your surroundings.
  • Search Modes: Five different modes with an additional pinpoint function.
  • Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments: 8 settings for enhanced customization.
  • Audio Tone ID Levels: Three distinct levels for better differentiation.
  • Searchcoil: A robust 22 x 28cm (8.5" x 11") DD PROformance™ coil.
  • Device Dimensions: Adjustable length from 1.06m to 1.29m (42" to 51") with a weight of 1.32 kgs (2.9 lbs.).
  • Battery: Powered by 4 AA batteries, which come included.
  • Warranty: A 3-year warranty covering parts and labor.

Our Conclusion of the Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector

In the world of metal detectors, the Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector stands tall as a synthesis of advanced technology and user-friendly features. From its pinpoint accuracy to its versatile usage, it promises both novices and seasoned treasure hunters a fulfilling experience. If you’re keen on exploring what lies hidden beneath, the ACE 400i is your perfect companion.

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