GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector
GARRETT ACE 300I Metal Detector Display
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector included headphones
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector side view
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector side view left
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector strong and durable cover
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector fully waterproof search coil
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector waterproof search coil
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector pulse width modulation audio
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector adjustable frequency
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector iron discrimination
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector higher frequency 8kHz
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector digital target id
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector camlocks
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector display
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector rain cover
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector skid plate coil cover
GARRETT ACE 300I metal detector coin and relics

GARRETT ACE 300I Metal Detector

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Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector: Find more treasure the easy way

Indulge in a world of mysteries and untold tales with the Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector. This marvel is a step up from it's little brother the 200i. inviting you to an enthralling journey where hidden treasures, artifacts, and tokens of bygone eras lie waiting for discovery. Are you ready to elevate your treasure-hunting game? Let’s plunge in!

Unveiling the Garrett ACE 300i Experience

The Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector encapsulates a blend of sophisticated tech and user-friendly interfaces, all aimed at magnifying the essence of every hunt. With every beep, history beckons, revealing its secrets, and creating unparalleled joy of discovery.

Specialised Hunts Tailored for You with the ACE 300i Metal Detector :

  • Coin Chronicles: Dive deep to retrieve coins echoing stories from centuries gone by.

  • Beachcomber's Quest: Whether it's the tales of lost mariners or ancient shipwrecks, the Garrett ACE 300i is your trusted ally for freshwater and dry beach excavations. If you're looking to get your feet and coil wet then take a look at our range of beach metal detectors that love the challenge of wet sand and salty water HERE

  • Jewel Journeys: Relive tales encrusted in forgotten or lost jewels and ornamental treasures.

  • Relic Reverie: Age-old artifacts, relics, and symbols of eras past wait to be rediscovered.

  • Ghost Town Trails: Unearth stories from silent towns, where memories resonate in the winds.

  • Prospector’s Pursuits: While the ACE 300i is more suited to coins and relics, it's still capable for a bit of hobby prospecting. Amplify the thrill of striking gold, silver, or other precious finds, as every beep could signify a treasure.

The Garrett ACE 300i Package: More than Just a Detector

Going beyond just metal detection, the Garrett ACE 300i serves as an entire expedition kit.

  • Revolutionary Searchcoil: The 18 x 25cm (7" x 10") PROformance™ searchcoil promises more expansive coverage and unmatched depth.

  • Included Accessories To Elevate Your Hunts:

    • Precision Headphones: The ClearSound Easy Stow headphones immerse you in auditory excellence.

    • Rain and Weather Defense: The ACE Environmental Coverup offers protection against unpredictable terrains and weather conditions.

    • Coil Protector: An included 18 x 25cm searchcoil cover to ensure longevity and unhampered detection from rough, rocky ground.

Key Features of the Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector

This metal detector brings to the fore Garrett’s rich legacy of innovation, offering features that make treasure hunting a breeze.

  1. Precision at Its Peak: Offering a Digital Target ID on a 0-99 scale, the Garrett ACE 300i ensures every signal is unmistakable.

  2. Span & Depth: The PROformance™ searchcoil stands true to its name, ensuring extensive coverage and a deeper look into the ground's secrets.

  3. Frequency Finesse: With a frequency of 8 kHz, gear up for unmatched sensitivity, especially on precious targets like gold and lead.

  4. Overcome Iron's Challenge: With a resolution three times that of its predecessors, say goodbye to any iron-induced interference during your hunts.

  5. Stay Interference-Free: Adjust frequencies on the go to ward off any distractions, ensuring only valuable finds catch your attention.

  6. Steadfast Exploration: The enhanced camlocks promise stability even during rigorous hunting sessions.

  7. Sonic Clarity: The Pulse-Width Modulation audio brings out the sharpest audio cues for every find.

Delving Deeper: Technical Mastery of the Garrett ACE 300i Detector

Every beep and signal is backed by an impeccable technical foundation.

  • Clarity Redefined: A Digital Target ID of 0-99 scale ensures that no treasure hint goes unnoticed.

  • Search Modes Supreme: Equipped with 5 diverse search modes, accompanied by pinpoint accuracy, you're always in control.

  • Sonic Layers: Three Audio Tone ID Levels allow you to identify what lies beneath, purely based on its sound.

  • Comfort Meets Efficacy: With a weight of just 1.27 kgs and adjustability between 1.06m - 1.29m, the Garrett ACE 300i is crafted for extended hunting sessions.

  • Power-Packed: Trust the 4 AA batteries to keep your adventures uninterrupted.

  • Warranty Wisdom: A robust 3-year warranty underlines Garrett's unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

Concluding the Garrett ACE 300i Chronicle

Diving into the treasure hunting realm with the Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector is not just about the finds, but also about experiencing history, adventure, and unadulterated joy. With every signal, you're not just finding objects but also piecing together tales from the past. Embark on your odyssey, as the ACE 300i awaits your command!

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