Freshwater Metal Detectors

One of the best places to go metal detecting is in and around old swimming ares.

In the olden days, swimming pools were not common, so people would congregate around, lakes, rivers, and swimming holes to cool off and enjoy the long summer days. They would take picnics and spend the their time relaxing, swimming and having fun. In doing so, many old artifacts like coins, relics and jewellery would be dropped and lost, waiting for someone to come along, many years later and find them.

With a freshwater metal detector, you can search on the banks and in the shallows around old rivers, lakes, creeks and dams to uncover all those hidden gems. It is amazing how many old relics and treasures are regularly uncovered with the use of a fresh water metal detector in areas where past generations would spend their time.

Many Australian towns and even suburbs have old rivers, lakes and swimming holes where you can go detecting for lost treasures. A good way to see if your town or area has old swimming spots in on the Trove website. Here you can find a huge library of resources and historical information about Australia and it's towns and suburbs. 

All of our highly sensitive fresh water metal detectors come with a waterproof search coil that lets you search in areas where many detectors can't go. We only work with the best brands that have offices here in Australia, meaning you can buy with confidence. All of our detectors come with an Australian warranty and free postage anywhere in the country.

If you are not sure what the best model is for you, feel free to reach out to directly on our live chat, send us an email or give us a call on 1300 230 461. Our friendly team of experts are here for you 7 days a week.

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