Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter have been making metal detectors for years and are one of the more known brands out there. They are are a part of the First Texas Group who also manufacture Teknetics as well as Fisher Detectors, which is the oldest commercially available metal detector brand in world.

Made in America, Bounty Hunter detectors are best suited for people wanting to search for coins, relics and treasure. While they are not overly complicated machines, they have excellent depth, sensitivity and recovery rate which make them a lot of fun and easy to use.

They are rugged, durable and built to last, which is what you would expect from an old school American manufacturer and their 5 year warranty certainly reflects this. 

With a very large range of detectors, there is model that will suit virtually anyone, including young children. The Bounty Hunter Jr Target ID is great for kids 5 years and up.

All Bounty Hunter detectors come with a waterproof search coil which makes detecting in shallow water possible and is a lot of fun to do. While not every metal detector can handle the high mineralization of salt water, Bounty Hunter have plenty of models that you can take to the beach to find lost treasures. See our list of beach detectors HERE

Bounty Hunter also makes a quality and affordable Pinpointer to help you recover your targets from the ground quicker and easier. This is a great tool that will help you spend less time digging and more time detecting.

Also available from Bounty Hunter are detector carry bags and backpacks, coil covers, search coils as well as headphones for more accurate detecting. See our accessories collection HERE

If you have any questions or would like some advice on which Bounty Hunter Detector is best for you, reach out to us on our live chat, email or call us on 1300 230 461. Our team of friendly experts are here for you 7 days a week.

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