Teknetics have been making Metal Detectors since 1983 and are one of the industry leaders. Part of the First Texas Group who also make Bounty Hunter and Fisher detectors, Teknetics are one of the go to brands for detectorists world wide.

A quick Google search brings up tens of thousands of positive reviews and their detectors are regularly featured in "top detectors to buy" lists.

Offering a premium build quality, with high performance technology, Teknetics Metal Detectors are designed to help you dig less trash and find more valuable targets.

100% manufactured in America, their team of engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries between performance and ease of use. Teknetics are well known for making powerful but very user friendly detectors, meaning they are quick and easy to learn and master. 

With world class recovery speed and target accuracy, finding and identifying targets is quick and easy, even in very trashy sites. Most models have a large LCD display screen with numerical target identification, so you have an excellent idea of what is under ground before you dig. 

Whether you are a beach or dry land detectorist, looking for coins, relics, treasure or gold nuggets, there is a Teknetics Metal Detector right for you.

If you are new to Metal Detecting and want to find out more about what the best metal detector is for your needs, then please take a look at our beginners guide to metal detecting HERE.  

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