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Minelab metal detectors are a household name here in Australia and around the world. They have been manufacturing detectors for decades and are one of the biggest brands in the market. 

Launched in Adelaide back in 1985, they soon became one of the leaders in the industry. A multi award winning company, Minelab keep pushing the boundaries of technology and ease of use. 

With a team of 50 plus engineers, their research and development is second to none, so when you own a Minelab detector, you know you have one the best in world.

As an Australian company, Minelab Metal Detectors are made for Australian conditions, so they are tough, reliable and can handle our harsh terrain and environment. 

Minelab detectors are designed with the user in mind, hence they are lightweight, easy to use and very robust. With some of the best technology in the market, Minelab Metal Detectors are one of the go to brands for treasure hunters world wide.

Use them on the beach, in the bush or in parks and fields, Minelab detectors are the all terrain metal detector.

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